Terms and Conditions - Simple Site Plans

OFFER: The vendor for the value set out in this the order form or quote and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions shall provide and deliver the service as specified on the Quote/Order Form. These Terms and Conditions and the details in the form/quote comprise the whole of the Agreement between the Vendor and the purchaser unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing.

AGREEMENT: Specifications and terms within the signed order form/quote are considered to be the whole agreement. Any discrepancies requested verbally/via email are deemed invalid and up to discretion of the vendor to carry out and/or include as a variation.

PRICE: The Contract amount shown on the order form will be fixed for thirty days from the date of the order after which it will be subject to market price fluctuations. Any variations or changes to the required plans or order shall not be binding unless accepted in writing by the Vendor and any costs borne by the purchaser.

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER: A purchaser’s order shall not be deemed as accepted until it is checked and officially confirmed as accepted. The banking of deposits, issue of printed drawings or other details is not an agreement of acceptance.

PAYMENT: The purchaser shall pay to the Vendor the deposit at the time of submitting the order, and the full balance of the order amount by the progress payments specified on the order. This may include a deposit and final payment The company may, if payment is not received within 7 days of invoice date, charge interest at 12% per month (calculated daily) on the overdue amount and unless payment is made in full, the customer will be liable for all costs associated with recovery. After 3 months of unpaid invoice, the vendor will hand this over to a debt recovery agency for following up.

APPROVALS: The Vendor on behalf of the purchaser shall prepare general drawings as per order. The Vendor shall only be responsible for complying with the requirements of the relevant authorities to the extent of its obligations under this contract. The purchaser agrees to do all required research based on whether their particular building requires any approval, and base their construction and approval decisions solely on their own research.

TIMING: All lead times quoted are estimates only. The delivery date agreed to in the Agreement is subject to the availability of many factors. The company will not be held liable for any delays caused by incalculable issues. The Vendor shall not be liable to the purchaser or any other person for damages or in any manner whatsoever because of failure or delay in delivering the materials by the estimated times. The vendor will treat the estimated dates as targets and will make every reasonable effort to meet them.

DELIVERY/COMPLETION: No claims for incorrectly completed documents or drafted plans will be recognised unless submitted within seven (7) days of receipt of completed documents. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure all documents are completed to their satisfaction. The vendor will provide completed documents via PDF. CAD/dwg files as standard are not included and can be provided for an additional charge. Plans (A4/A3) can be printed and mailed for an additional charge Documents can be placed on a USB and mailed for an additional charge.

VARIATIONS: If the purchaser wishes to make any change/s to the project as originally agreed upon and set out on the contract, the vendor will advise purchaser of any variation in price and tentative completion dates for such change. The client agrees verbal instructions will not be accepted as a variation. All such change/s must be agreed, set out in writing and agreed by both vendor and purchaser. Variations outside the original scope will be charged to the client at the advertised hourly rate (or a fixed price quote will be given). Variations are charged in 15 minute increments, with a 1 hour minimum fee.

PLANS DETAIL: Plans and forms completed are done with Simple Site Plans employees. These plans do not suffice as surveys or engineered structural plans. The Vendor can assist in attaining these documents where required. The purchaser is responsible for requesting example plans if there is any confusion regarding the detail to be completed and scope of works.

DISCLAIMER:  Any advice, recommendation, information, assistance or service provided by the Vendor, its Employees, Agents, Sub-Contractors and Providers is given and/or made in good faith and is believed to be appropriate and reliable and all liability arising from any of these matters is fully disclaimed. The Vendor, its suppliers and/or its contractors will not be liable nor accept any consequential damages or claims.

MARKETING: the customer hereby grants the company to use completed documents without restraint allow its use for any promotional purposes without any recall to the company whether legal or monetary. Client detail will be removed from any such documents.

MEASUREMENTS:  Supplied drawings are provided as a guide only to the general appearance of the structure and measurements are not to be used for construction purposes. Structural plans are required for this. All measurements considered nominal unless specified otherwise.

COUNCIL APPROVAL: The vendor does not guarantee approval for any project. This is upon the discretion of individual states, councils, and private certifiers. Where a council or certifier requests documents not included in the original order form, these shall be charged as variations to the purchaser.

COSTS NOT COVERED: The purchaser is liable for all costs required for an approval or drafting of plans not included in the order form. The vendor will not cover costs associated with external professional services, council fees, certifier fees, inspection fees, etc. The vendor is able to assist in attaining these plans though is not required to.

CONTRACT CANCELLATION: The vendor may agree, but is not bound to agree, to a request in writing that the contract be cancelled after the contract term has expired and prior to works being completed. Any out of pocket expenses incurred to date will be on the purchaser’s behalf, including but not limited to drafting fees (calculated hourly) council fees, engineering fees, certifier fees, and an administration fee of $200 (plus GST). These costs and outlays will be deducted from the deposit money paid by the Purchaser.