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Drafting Services

Here at Simple Site Plans, we provide the best custom drafting services. We can draw up anything from a basic site plan, to sections/elevations for a warehouse, to renders and full sets of plans. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around time, and affordable pricing for house drafting, renovations, granny flat drafting, approvals management and more. Whether you need help within the design phase, for council approvals, or for any other reason, we can complete these very quickly for you. Custom drafting varies from project to project, and therefore the price can change also. With all of our drafting, we can provide unlimited revisions to make sure we get the design and plans perfect for you.
Simple Site Plans can complete your new house plans, extension, or granny flat plans. We will draft these to the level council requires, and can liaise with any other external professional to get these up to scratch for an approval.
We can continue working on plans that you already have, or can completely start from scratch. We work with many councils, builders, certifiers, architects, and surveyors all throughout Australia, so we can draft your job specifically to your needs.
If you also need approvals management or any council services, please check out our approvals page here.

For any custom drafting request, please get in touch with us via the below form, and we can discuss how we can best fulfil your needs!

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