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How it works

The approvals process in Queensland can be tricky to get your head around if you don’t know what you’re doing. In Queensland, there isn’t a state-wide authority to submit building certification applications to. Instead, all applications are submitted to Building certifiers for assessing. The building certifiers in turn lodge approval documents to the council – which gets audited by the QBCC. Simple Site Plans can arrange all required documents for building permits for sheds, pergolas, garages, pools, decks, extensions, new homes, secondary dwellings, and granny flats in Queensland. Simple Site Plans has a large network of great certifiers, and we can source certifiers in your specific region. We liaise directly with local certifiers and the respective council to make this process as streamlined as possible.

Feel free to get in touch with us for further information specific to your block.

Step 1 – Request a Quote

The first step to getting your approval in Queensland sorted, is to submit a request to us. From here, we work with you on choice of certifier, and discuss your project to see what is required for approval. We will get in contact with you very quickly and be able to walk you through the requirements. From here, we request a bit of information, and get cracking on the process.

Step 2 – Return Required Information:

The next step, will be for you to return the forms and information that we have requested. Some of the information that we will need returned includes surveys of your block, information about proposed structures, specific details you would like in the approval, remittance of payment, etc. For more information about these documents and where to find them, check our FAQ’s.

Step 3 – Lodgement of Approvals

From here, we liaise with both yourself and the chosen Building Certifier to draft all the required plans. We will return drafted plans for your checking very quickly. You can request any revisions or changes that you want, before we submit the final copy to the building certifier. We fill out all required forms on your behalf, monitor, and track the certification with the certifier.

Step 4 – Successful Approval

Once the building certifier has given you the green light, you can start building! We will send all of the completed documents to you. You will work closely with the chosen builder and building certifier to arrange inspections along the way. The building certifier will complete a form for each successful inspection (form 16), and give these to the builder. There are mandatory inspections for all class 10 and class 1a buildings. These can include excavation, footings, slab, frame and final inspections. For class 10 buildings (sheds, garages, etc), only the final inspection is mandatory – however the building certifier may request additional inspections. For more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A Building Permit is used to legally build certain structures in QLD. Building permits are submitted to councils for safe keeping, and audited regularly.
A building permit is completed by a building certifier. There are many forms and inspections (dependant on structure type) required to complete this. Documents that are required can include private certification forms, site plans, structural plans, sewer plans, fire separation plans, inspection certificates etc. We work with a plethora of building certifiers, and can help you find a local one who can certify your job. Let us know if you have any questions!

The forms and plans for a building permit must be in accordance with the state wide legislation, as well as any specific council rules.

Building certification will need to be completed before doing any building work.
Applications will need to be in line with the Queensland Development code. There is different legislation depending on whether your block is smaller or larger than 450m2. Every block is different, so for specific information please get in contact with us. Some general rules can be seen below:

For blocks 450m2 and larger:

  • – Setback 6m from the road (or can be slightly closer if your neighbours already are)
  • – Side and Rear boundary clearances dependant on lot width, but in general about 1.5m (class 10 buildings such as garages/carports can be closer).
  • – Total length of all buildings within boundary clearance areas is 9m.
  • – Area covered by all buildings and structures is not more than 50% of the total lot area.
  • – Height less than 8.5m (can go up to 10m if the block is sloped more)
  • – For each detached dwelling, 2 vehicle spaces are required

Further to the above rules, every council has individual rules and regulations which you need to abide by. We are well versed in many councils and can easily find and tell you what is required.

If you’re worried about whether your structure is compliant within the QLD rules, you can send us an email and we can provide some further guidelines specific to your block.

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