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How it works

Simple Site Plans can manage all of your council submissions. Approvals vary widely from council to council, and documents required will change. We can service councils and their requirements Australia wide. Simple Site Plans specialises in Building Permits for Class 10 structures in NSW, QLD, ACT, and VIC, such as sheds, garages, pools, decks, pergolas, studios, etc. We can also lodge approvals for council Australia wide, and for things such as secondary residences, houses, granny flats, etc.

Step 1 – Request a Quote
The first step to getting your approvals managed, is to submit a request to us. Once we have received the request, we will be able to tell you what type of approval is required for you. One of our architects or draftsman will be in touch via email ASAP. They will send through a small package containing what information is required on our end (and where to find it), some sample documents, a deposit invoice, and a few other bits and pieces. Please include as much information as possible about your project, to help us get the required documents to you.

Step 2 – Return Required Information:
The next step, will be for you to return to us the required information for drafting and/or approval lodging. Some of the information that we will need returned includes surveys of your block, information about proposed structures, specific details you would like in the approval, remittance of payment, etc. For more information about these documents and where to find them, check our FAQ’s.

Step 3 – Lodgement of Approvals
You will get drafted plans back quite to you quite quickly. Once you have these, you can have a look over it to confirm if you want any changes/revisions, or need anything further. Once you confirm you are happy with the plans, we will begin to draft the required forms based off the drafted plans. We will then lodge all the forms on your behalf, monitor, and track the approvals process.

Step 3 – Successful Approval
If there is any additional documentation required, we will work through this with you. Once the approval is successful, we will send you all the required documents. If there is additional form lodgement required (such as a Construction Certificate), we will then submit for this. Again, we will track the process and have the documents to you as quickly as possible.


We can deal with any council or government process throughout the entire of Australia. For any state/council specific information, please feel free to contact us. For further information relating to your specific state, please click on one of the below buttons.

Request Approvals Management

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